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Mark Pires "Singularity"
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Mark Pires

Mark Pires

Mark insPires is a Multi Faceted Entertainer,

A Live Improvisation Stand Up Comedian & Celebrity Impressionist, A Society Truth Driven Live Songwriting One Man Band that releases an album a month on iTunes.

Mark is a live Philosopher & Motivational Speaker. NO Script, just living in the moment!

Mark Is also the inventor and patent holder of the first drum for Singer Songwriters, The BeatSeat!

Mark is the host of the Ultimate Positivity Platform, Live Every day since 12/31/18

on YouTube & Rumble

An Album A Month in 2021  |  Order Yours Here 
Live Songwriting | Original Comedy Shows & Feature Films | Pure Inspiration

Scammer PayBack Parody

Coming Soon

Mark insPires Feature Films